Can't open folders in audirvana 3.5

can someone help me? I can’t open any folders or drives in audirvana 3.5 on windows 11, only the desktop appears!

Hello @faristoy,

Can you please send a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Hello Antoine I leave the screenshot for the problem that I cannot add folders in audirvana 3.5 in windows 11

it won’t let me open folders or drives. the window stays like this I’m using windows 11

I have seen this problem in another thread too. The person only gets the ‘desktop’ folder in the Audirvana\Windows folder selection dialog, but not the rest of the Windows folders.

Cannot select anything but desktop in 3.5 - Library Management and iTunes - Audirvana

Can you try this from the post @AndyLubke mentionned?

FROM RunHomeSlow ; Try this answer here: