Can't play album in correct sequence

I absolutely love everything about this program except for one thing, when I enter an album or playlist, sometimes it plays through in order with no problems, but the rest of the time there’s no telling what it will do. It might play the same song over again then advance, or it might skip to some other song altogether. I’ve tried sorting, library maintenance, etc. but it just keeps happening. I’ve read every post I could find on here for a solution, but the problem remains. I just want to be able to select an album hit play, and hear the music in the correct order. No other player I’ve used has this problem. Unfortunately, no other player has this sound quality or convenience either.

have you clicked by mistake the repeat (or/and) shuffle button on the transport…

Hi. Yes I did and I hadn’t. I tried clicking Track No to resort the list and it still replayed songs, different songs this time.

Sorry. I misread. I had not clicked either of those buttons on the transport.

have you set up your sorting albums and tracks in albums… in the preferences?
i want my artist: artist name, year, album title, cd #, track # blah blah
do you want playlist in same order or not… you checked that in preferences?

Just to try and narrow down what was happening, I only used 1 sort level. I sorted Local Library Tracks by Track #, I sorted Local Library Albums by Artist and turned on Streaming Owned Playlists and sorted by Track #. I also ran Data Base Integrity and Rebuilt Indexes. I also tried increasing the Max Memory Allocated for Track preload. None of these fixed the problem. What makes it really difficult is the problem is intermittent. Sometimes the albums play straight through in proper track sequence, other times it repeats songs or skips.

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