Can't play an album without skipping around or dropouts

I am using a PI2aes on a RP-4 with moode software I2S output. I have Audirvana 3.5.46 and it sees the PI2aes just fine, but whenever I play local library or Qobuz it plays fine for awhile then jumps to another track in the middle of a song, or it jumps back to the beginning of the song. Bottom line is I haven’t been able to play an album straight through without interruption for some time now. Audirvana is the only software I have found that will connect with all my gear, use VST to equalize my headphones and play both my local library and Qobuz, but if it won’t play the album straight through what good is it? I have tried Audirvana Studio and it jumps around too. Please help!

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