Can't Play Classical Music?

I do not see anything about MIDI in applications.

Launchpad, Other , Audio MIDI Setup Your output choice should be set to Use this device for sound output


I found the Audio MIDI setup as you described and in the Launcpad. I can see only a couple settings that might be relevant. Under Format the choice is selected that says 2 ch 24-bit integer 44.1 kHz.

Under Master Strem it shows two bars, mostly but not entirely black, which each say 9.53, -1.5.

Is that all correct?


as you described and in Utilities.

On the left hand side how many devices shown and the one you want to use should have a little speaker icon in it, what output device do you have set in Studio ?

Jacob take a look at this when you get a chance, why does that Volumio show as preferred device? That another player application I think. Some kinda conflict going on perhaps

In the left hand column I see only Built-in Microphone, Built-in Output and ZoomAudioDevice.

There should also be two Bluetooth devices, a Volumio operated Allo Digione, and a Musical Fidelity USB converter. Should they all show when not selected. I could not play the pieces either through a Bluetooth device or the internal PowerBook speakers.


Your Bluetooth device would have to be currently paired, then it would show up on your left hand list
Choose the device you wish to use click on it a choose it to output sound then make sure studio is set the same……. Should work

I paired the Bluetooth device, chose it both in MIDI set up and the upper bar, and then tried to play the piece with which I first had problems–it does not play. The error message is “Unable to open an audio file for playback.” How do I get help from the Audirvana company? There is a lot of music I cannot play since the update. I never had this problem before.


Send your debug info

Thanks again, David

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Are they by any chance the same albums from Tidal that you can’t play? Or can you try and see if you are having the same problems since the 3.5.50 update?


It happened in Tidal after the latest update. But guess what? The pieces now seem to play. So maybe there was a problem that Audirvana fixed. Thanks again.

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