Can't play local library

Hello again community, please, if you reply, speak to me as if I am a child. I am an old guy with very limited knowledge of the Mac world and no tech skills.

In the main studio window I can steam music from Tidal but, although I can see my local library (about 1000 albums), I can not get it to play the music.

What am I missing?

Again, if you can, be simplistic in your replies :blush:

So i guess you don’t know how to take a picture? :slight_smile:

do you see your library folder here, and a database at the bottom?

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If you look at the Dave Brubeck album just click on the play arrow, or double click on album to open it up.

Ok, sorry about the pictures, I can send some later. As I mentioned, I can see the albums listed and the tracks but if I try to play them I get an error message (I will write down the error message in my next reply) :grimacing:

On Mac shift,command,3 will take a screenshot. Just drag and drop it in your reply.

What format are your local files saved as?

“Unable to open an audio file for playback” is the error message.

Have you given Audirvāna full disc access? 16/44.1 FLAC files?

I have not. How does one do that?

Let’s see if this might help. Mac System settings, Privacy and Security, Privacy, Full Disc Access, Click the + on bottom, Find the Audirvāna application in the finder window and select it, turn the toggle switch on. Make sure this is enabled, re-sync your local folder.

Also you can search the forum for the error code and see what other users have done to fix it.

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