Can't play music from my library

This is a piece of crap software ,I can’t play anything from my library and can’t figure/find out why! Total waste of hours trying to figure it out , nothi in support community about it WOW

Instead of starting with a rant, you could get a better result if you explain your problem. Somebody might be able to help you.

Do you stream using UPnP, do you upsample, what gear do you use, which operating system?

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Take a chill pill, deep breath and tell us some specifics. We’ll try and get you up and running.

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Hello @Bubba107, we would be really happy to help you with your issue, can you explain us a little bit more about what’s the issue you are facing? Where are your file located? On your local device or on a NAS?

Please give us some more information so we might help.

  1. System specs for the system you installed Audirvana+ on (Mac or PC?)(OS?)(Computer make, model)
  2. Where is your music library (NAS, external HD, internal HD)?
  3. What kind of DAC hardware are you using? Internal sound card, external DAC)?

Thanks but if I need to change settings without a manual telling me what they do, this is of no use to me

Which settings? Who reads the manuals anyway?

This is the best music player hands down. Easy to setup, never had a problem playing my music plus the best tech support. Windows or Mac


Me thinks somebody is trolling.
Audirvana has always given me the best possible sound and fewest problems of any software.

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In my 10yrs+ experience with audio playback software I find Audirvana one of the best, if not the best software. Excellent sound quality, extremely user friendly set up, so please calm down and keep it civil

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Ok so I’m running win 10 64, upnp to Onkyo TN TX 509. Local library with mp3 flac file mix, I have a nad dac2 on the way, program finds my files but won’t play any of them

That’s fairly common issue with UPnP. Unfortunately the problem is a loose implementation of UPnP.

You can post the debug info here, just in case it‘s something else.