Can't read track over 2GB

@woodsdc1 I prefer to access Audirvana through the mobile app, but that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

No problem.

And consider yourself fortunate that you can get the Remote app to work. (My wifi mesh seems to make it impossible to connect, even after removing firewall restrictions.)

Here here. I bought a license for the Windows version precisely in order to play my DSD 256 files but I have never been able to see any files (and there are a lot, at this bitrate) over 2 Gigs. Please finally fix this in the Windows Audirvana app and in the new Windows Audirvana Studio app, which ALSO has the same bug.

I am going to put my head through a wall if this eventually gets fixed in Studio but never trickles down to 3.5.

When the limitation of file over 2Gb in windows 10 will be solve?

problem not solved . AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO
I can’t play the file size over 2GB on windows 10.

More fool me for not checking out this topic before buying several DSD 512 albums from NativeDSD and finding that most of the tracks are greater than 2GB so can’t be recognised by Audirvana Studio. Paying $50 for an album and only being able to play 2 tracks really hurts. I hope this issue isn’t being ignored.

I understand that paying a monthly subscription fee is to fund further development of AS and that’s fine but I’d love to see my money being put to good use. Judging from the number of posts on this topic there are a number of AS subscribers who have these large files and before anyone jumps on me for buying DSD 512 music I have to say that in AB comparisons I really do prefer the sound of the higher rate files.

AS has a very pretty UI and it sounds wonderful but it must be embarrassing to Audirvana to know that their software is outclassed by the likes of Foobar2000 at least in terms of file handling

I’m not posting this in order to ruffle any feathers, I’m only politely requesting that Audirvana support their subscribers while we support them through our subscription payments - at least to be seen as attempting to rectify the problem. In November 2020 Damien posted that the issue would be fixed in a future release of Audirvana. I would have thought that AS would have been that release.

I, for one, would feel a lot more comfortable paying subscription fees each month if I could be confident of ongoing development and that subscriber’s issues were being addressed.

I’ve come to the realization that this issue (along with a number of others) is about as visible as the 2GB files themselves.

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Well said woodsdc1 and sadly it appears to be true.

I hope this thread doesn’t die a natural death, if we can keep it alive perhaps it will elicit some response from Damien.


I agree! Damien can you tell us if you are working on it?

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I had put in a ticket and they told me they are still working on the issue. I said according to the boards this has been going on for over a year and asked for a timetable on when this is going to be fixed.


Thanks for letting us know. It appears that we must play the waiting game.

NativeDSD has begun to release albums in DSD 1024. In as much as it’s a niche market and (now) makes me roll my eyes…it’s doubtful that an Audirvana user will be able to see any of these songs in their library because of what I can only assume are file sizes well over 2GB.

Hello everyone,

We have a good news for you, we have been able to fix the issue for tracks above 2GB.

You can try the test version of Studio with this fix here


Is this going to be fixed in 3.5?

To see files greater than 2GB I found that you need to remove your directory where it scans for local music and then add it back in. Then it sees the files. Don’t know if there is another way for it to recognize those files but they show up. Thanks for the fix!!!

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Yay! Thank you Damien.

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