Can't read track over 2GB

I have a over 2GB track from NativeDSD in DSF256. It seems completely normal but it doesn’t appear in the library. I asked NativeDSD and they answered me it was an issue in Audirvna. Can you help me please?

Hello @LAB,

We currently have an issue on Windows 10 version of Audirvana as you can’t see tracks that are more than 2GB. We will fix this issue in a future update of Audirvana.

I hope so. I’m gonna find a way to split the track but hope you’ll find a way to resolve this issue soon. Thanks Damien


As this is not the first time this issue has been brought up (there is a post from July 2019 about it), can we get an ETA for the “future update” which will fix this? Thanks.

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When on earth will this problem be fixed?


Fixing issues and adding suggestions is not something Audirvana is known for.

Nothing like spending $40 on an album in DSD512 only to discover that 4 of the 5 tracks are over 2GB and won’t display in the library.

@Damien3 - When in the heck is Audirvana going to address this? It’s really unacceptable. It’s literally been years without a conclusion.

By conclusion, I mean that it would be better to explain, in technical terms, why you can’t get Windows 10 to read these files than it is to just let the issue sit out here forever, with an empty promise to fix it.

We implore you, please just give us some of the details. Many of us are technical, and would prefer at least a technical explanation over nothing.

Thank you.

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I did discover that if you drag and drop files over 2gb from File Explorer directly into your play queue, they will show up in the queue and be playable. However, this method doesn’t push through ID tag info, so it isn’t the greatest solution.

@woodsdc1 I prefer to access Audirvana through the mobile app, but that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

No problem.

And consider yourself fortunate that you can get the Remote app to work. (My wifi mesh seems to make it impossible to connect, even after removing firewall restrictions.)

Here here. I bought a license for the Windows version precisely in order to play my DSD 256 files but I have never been able to see any files (and there are a lot, at this bitrate) over 2 Gigs. Please finally fix this in the Windows Audirvana app and in the new Windows Audirvana Studio app, which ALSO has the same bug.

I am going to put my head through a wall if this eventually gets fixed in Studio but never trickles down to 3.5.