Can't read track over 2GB

I have a over 2GB track from NativeDSD in DSF256. It seems completely normal but it doesn’t appear in the library. I asked NativeDSD and they answered me it was an issue in Audirvna. Can you help me please?

Hello @LAB,

We currently have an issue on Windows 10 version of Audirvana as you can’t see tracks that are more than 2GB. We will fix this issue in a future update of Audirvana.

I hope so. I’m gonna find a way to split the track but hope you’ll find a way to resolve this issue soon. Thanks Damien


As this is not the first time this issue has been brought up (there is a post from July 2019 about it), can we get an ETA for the “future update” which will fix this? Thanks.

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When on earth will this problem be fixed?


Fixing issues and adding suggestions is not something Audirvana is known for.

Nothing like spending $40 on an album in DSD512 only to discover that 4 of the 5 tracks are over 2GB and won’t display in the library.