Can't read track over 2GB

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I had put in a ticket and they told me they are still working on the issue. I said according to the boards this has been going on for over a year and asked for a timetable on when this is going to be fixed.


Thanks for letting us know. It appears that we must play the waiting game.

NativeDSD has begun to release albums in DSD 1024. In as much as it’s a niche market and (now) makes me roll my eyes…it’s doubtful that an Audirvana user will be able to see any of these songs in their library because of what I can only assume are file sizes well over 2GB.

Hello everyone,

We have a good news for you, we have been able to fix the issue for tracks above 2GB.

You can try the test version of Studio with this fix here


Is this going to be fixed in 3.5?

To see files greater than 2GB I found that you need to remove your directory where it scans for local music and then add it back in. Then it sees the files. Don’t know if there is another way for it to recognize those files but they show up. Thanks for the fix!!!

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Yay! Thank you Damien.

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