Can't receive Studio free trial plus updated password doesn't work either

I have been trying all day to get the free trial of Studio but to no avail. I am a user of 3.5.4 with a valid user license. However I have forgotten my password. After a lot of attempts I reset my password. That doesn’t work either. I do not do social media sites. So, how do I access my account, and get the proper credentials to try the new software. Thanks in advance, Richard

I suggest to register a new account with the same email address. I did it. Later it was connected with my licence…

Same here. Tried many times yesterday to register a new account. No email received. Continues not work today. And no, nothing in my spam folder.


Same here. I’m a 3.5 user and can’t login. I received a new password and when I try to login, I get “We can’t seem to find your account”. Been a problem for a few days.