Can't Search On Tidal or Qobuz

I am using the latest version of Audirvana (2.8.0) on a Mac desktop. I do not have the magnifying glass icons next to Quobuz or Tidal which allows me to search those websites. The main search only searches my local library. How do I get to restore the magnifying glass searches for these two websites?

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I don’t have that either. I just search in the main search box and the results include Qobuz results. (I don’t currently have Tidal. I’m waiting for the April price drop)

When I use the main search box it just searches the songs in my local library. I have no way to search the Tidal and Qobuz catalogs.

I don’t have way to specifically search the Qobuz catalogue. I just have the general search box that displays the search results from both my personal library and from Qobuz. They are clearly marked as such. I’m not sure why I’d ever want/need to exclude my own library from a search so it’s fine for me.

I appreciate the reply. It’s not that I’m trying to exclude my library in the search it’s that it doesn’t include in the search the Tidal and Qobuz catalogs. In other words, I’m limited to only searching my library. That’s the problem.

Odd. This is what I see when I do a search (I’ve only linked Qobuz to Audirvana)

I don’t have that interface. Notice that you have the gray magnifying glasses to the right of each category e.g. My Music, Qobuz, etc. Those grey magnifying glasses are what I’m missing on mine. That’s why I can’t search the site.

They only appear if I type something into the search field on the top left. All I get do with those magnifying glass is exclude those areas from a search. Are you on Mac or PC? Which version are you running? Has this only just started happening?

Hi @ScottS,

Can you send a screenshot while you try to do a search in Audirvāna Studio?

I got the same problem too.

I figured out the problem after some time and effort. Put the cursor in the main search box. When you do that, the gray magnifying glass will appear next to Tidal or any other connected account. Then you can click on the specific magnifying glass e.g. Tidal and you will then be able to search the Tidal catalog.

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