Can't see Tablet or Phone as Audio Device

Hi All

Currently trialling Origin. Have set up on my Windows 10 PC which plays things no problem.
I also have the option under Output device under Ethernet of the Samsung TV when its switch on. However neither my Android phone or Android tablet is seen - and the app is installed on both.

I can quite happily control Origin from phone or tablet just can’t use it as an output device.

When I trialled Roon I didn’t have this issue so have I missed something obvious?

Many thanks in advance for help offered.

The app (as installed on phones and tablets) is merely a remote control for the program on the computer.
Audirvana does not play through phones or tablets.

Thanks for that. Either I missed something then on the website or it’s just not clear. Shame as that’s a deal breaker. Really didn’t want to go back to Roon because of the cost.

Thanks again

You can install an UPnP app on the phone and stream to it that way.