Can't subscribe

I’ve used the free trial, really like Audirvana Studio and want’ to subscribe, but it won’t let me.

I log into my account, choose the “subscribe to studio” option, it asks for a ZIP code, I’ve tried a UK postcode, and a US zip code and both ways it then gives an error “An unhandled error has occurred. Please contact

I’ve emailed support, but no reply.

Any ideas anyone?


They might be closed till monday morning France time…

Did you tried with another browser…

Hello. Yes tried different browsers - Chrome & Edge on the PC and Safari on the IPAD.

@Antoine will probably be able to help out tomorrow. Don’t let it give you up on Audirvãna, you will really enjoy the subscription.

Thanks Amarok. I was sold on what Audirvana was doing for me, and ready to subscribe. Still no response from support today either, and still not working. An odd sort of business model if you can’t take money from people…

Hi @gabble,

I saw your email and made a change in your account, can you please try one more time to subscribe to Audirvāna Studio?

Thanks Antoine - now it has worked and I have successfully subscribed.

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I too am getting the same issue.

Send a mail to

Have done so.

My trial is about to run out, but as I try to subscribe, at the enter email step I get an error message that says to contact support. I have sent an email but have no response and the error still comes up.

They’ll probably get in touch in the upcoming days.

I responded to your email :wink: