Can't switch Audirvana Origin in off-line mode

Hello Antoine,

I have Audirvana Origin installed on IMac (main) and MacBook (secondary). As you know there are hard times now in my country (Ukraine) and breaks of the electricity became normal thing. So in such situation I have face two things that I consider to be disadvantages.

At first, if I don’t have only Internet but have the electricity my AO starts is very slow.

At second, if I don’t have the electricity at all and want to listen music through headphones connected to MacBook I can’t use AO because it asks me to switch from main iMac to secondary MacBook but I can’t do this because there is no electricity, I.e. no both Internet and home net.


Hi @oleg

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you, but wanted to wish you all the very best in these extremely trying times :clap: :+1: :+1: :ukraine:

Hi @oleg,

If you are able to connect to internet, you can go on your account at and you will be able to disconnect your iMac even if it is powered off but you will need internet to connect on your MacBook, I can’t do anything for this :confused:

Hello @oleg , you have probably already thought of using a mobile phone or sat phone as a hotspot as a temporary solution, possibly getting you into the internet for a bit.

Best of luck to you and your countrymen, hope you get the infrastructure up soon.

So, a prerequisite for switching is the presence of the Internet and I’ll use a mobile phone.

Anyway, thank you all for your words of support during this hard time.