CD ripping software for use with Studio

I have an iMac with internal and external storage. I would like to find some kind of software that will run on Mac OS (Big Sur and Monterey) that can rip my cds and if possible the artwork. Then can point Studio that directory. I do not mind paying for the application(s). I know XLD and others are free but with my available time, just want the easiest with best result. I had asked some years ago with 3.x but now revisiting the need and topic. One app if possible would be perfect.

I ripped most of my CDs many years ago with iTunes, now Music, that you get for free with macOS. I ripped others with JRiver.
Both are very easy to use.

For best results, you can rip to AIFF.

There’s also this freeware ripper that integrates Accuraterip technology.

Yes have been ripping through iTunes to Apple Lossless will try AIFF.

And the freeware ripper mentioned.

For the quality of the rip, the result is the same for both in ALAC and AIFF. The quality of playback of an uncompressed format is supposed to be better. For that reason, many people keep their tracks in either AIFF or WAV. AIFF is better, because it can be tagged.

Check out the dBpoweramp:

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Agreed! DbPowerAmp is indeed a good choice on Mac.

Also excelent: X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X

“EZ CD Audio Converter” could be of interest as well.

Just first update. Bought DbPoweramp and wow. 8 or 9 levels of ripping 8 lossless and one uncompressed into multiple formats, auto artwork download. So far a winner.

I too bought dBpoweramp (Windows) a couple of months ago.
Very impressed and very happy. :grin:

+1 for DbPoweramp. Easy to use and great results.

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