Change language Audirvana Remote


anyone knows how can I change the language of my Audirvana Remote App? I tried to reinstall the app but didn’t work. Tried to look a solution online but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I think it install the same language of your phone… can’t change to others…

Hello @Kappa, you won’t be able to change the language settings manually, you need to change the language of your device to do this.

I also thought the same, but right now the app is in Chinese, but both of my iOS devices are for sure not in Chinese. That’s why I’m not so sure what to do…
Anyway I’ve this problem only on my iPad. On iPhone working fine…

I just understood what the problem was.
The language of my iPad was Italian, while of the iPhone German. Apparently Audirvana Remote exists in German but not in Italian, for this reason in my iPhone it worked correctly, while in the iPad not recognizing the language it had randomly (?) associated one - in this case Chinese.
So for all those who encounter this problem, it will be necessary:

1) set in your iDevice a language such as English, German or French (the one you are most familiar with),
2) open Audirvana Remote (which at this point should correspond with the language of the operating system),
3) close the Audirvana Remote app,
4) change the operating system language again (with the one you initially had and would like as the language of your iDevice)
5) at this point by reopening Audirvana Remote you will notice that the language will have remained as that of point (1) - despite having changed it then again in point (4).

At this point you should have been able to change the language of Audirvana Remote, to make it at least more understandable - if it will not be possible to use your native / ideal language.

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