Change Log

Release 1.3.8(1064)

  • Workaround for buggy ASIO drivers (disable large ASIO buffer memory for those)

Release 1.3.7(1063)

  • Database maintenance commands(bottom of general settings page)
  • Local artists view: filter by artist kind
  • Fix volume slider
  • Stability and UI fixes

Release 1.3.6(1062)

  • Fix upsampling to DSD

Release 1.3.5(1061)

  • Add option for the use of ASIO large buffer, to allow disable it with the few ASIO drivers buggy there
  • Search results UI cleanup
  • Fix crashes in metadata editor, playback, …

Release 1.3.4(1060)

  • Key Shortcut Ctrl+L command to scroll to the playing track/album when it is in the displayed list
  • Key shortcut SPACE bar to play/pause
  • Add prev/next track button and key shortcuts in the single track metadata editor
  • Other fixes

Release 1.3.3(1059)

  • Fix read issues on some SACD ISO
  • Other fixes

Release 1.3.2(1058)

  • VST: save realtime setup window position
  • Fix smart playlist editor compound item

Release 1.3.1(1057)

  • Fix VST realtime processing engage/disengage with PCM, MQA, DSD tracks
  • Fix album abstract display not updating when quickly switching albums
  • Fix command to manually rescan a synched folder

Release 1.3.0(1056)

  • VST3 plugins (64bit) support (setup is done in the “Signal Processing” section of the audio settings page)
  • ASIO workaround for some tricky drivers
  • Fix play queue display when in shuffle mode

Release 1.2.11(1051)

  • Fix use of .jpg or .png image file as the album cover image when in same folder as audio files
  • Workaround for playing some TIDAL 320kbps tracks in wrong format
  • Rare crash fixes

Release 1.2.10(1050)

  • Add tracks to playlist from play queue by dropping them onto the playlist (local for local library tracks, or streaming playlist for streaming tracks
  • Fix rare crash in DSD upsampling

Release 1.2.9(1048)

  • Fix crash when importing/opening CueSheet with damaged audio file
  • Fix Add track to Qobuz playlist

Release 1.2.8(1047)

  • Fix crash when importing/opening some damaged FLAC files
  • Correctly maximize window on a secondary monitor with a different screen size
  • Fix streaming playlists retrieval

Release 1.2.7(1046)

  • Highlight (“H” icon) Hi-Res albums in streaming services Qobuz and HRA-Streaming
  • Qobuz: Artist Top Tracks (where available)
  • Fix Smart playlist editor issues
  • Other UI fixes

Release 1.2.6(1044)

  • Fix potential crash playing DSD to UPnP device
  • Fix playback to raw PCM only UPnP devices
  • Open mini-player clicking on playing album vignette

Release 1.2.5(1043)

  • Handle Qobuz new Studio subscription

Release 1.2.4(1042)

  • Allow to start playback on ASIO device connected only after being selected
  • Fix multi tracks selection
  • Fix album drop on playlist to add tracks to a manual playlist
  • Other bug fixes

Release 1.2.3(1040)

  • Add ability to update local album image by dropping an image file on it
  • Bug fixes

Release 1.2.2(1038)

  • Drag and drop to reorder tracks in playlists, play queue
  • Visual feedback when dropping files in play queue
  • Audio device selection popup showing clearly local DACs vs network players
  • Fix UPnP DSD playback crash

Release 1.2.1(1037)

  • Fix gapless playback, especially when upsampling
  • Fix pop noise when switching PCM from/to DSD in ASIO
  • Workaround for T+A DAC 8 DSD
  • Fix last track looping with some UPnP network players
  • Horizontal scroll of tracks columns list and other UI fixes

Release 1.2.0(1034)

  • Qobuz curated albums and playlists: update to Qobuz new version
  • UI fixes

Release 1.1.1(1033)

  • Fix albums, artists, tracks scroll issues
  • Fix playback of rare TIDAL wav tracks

Release 1.1.0(1032)

  • Remote Control (A+ Remote, currently only for iOS) compatibility
  • UI White theme
  • Multichannel DACs PCM playback fixes
  • UI scroll smoothness improvements
  • Volume control slider more precise control, and control using mouse wheel
  • Other bug fixes

Release 1.0.3(1031)

  • Local sort fixes, correctly sorting numbers (e.g. “10” is now after “9”)
  • HRA-Streaming fixes (having worked in sync with HRA-Streaming)

Release 1.0.3(1030)

  • Additional fixes for network shared folders (UNC and assigned letter) sync
  • Local albums favorite scroll fix
  • TIDAL playlists management fix
  • Albums metadata editor: albums artists editing
  • Other UI bug fixes

Release 1.0.2(1029)

  • DSD upsampler crash fix
  • Ability to add a network shared folder to the sync list, without needing to assign it a letter
  • MiniDump creation upon crash to allow user to send it for better debugging
  • Fix exception clicking and dragging on search icon

Release 1.0.2(1028)

  • Window size and position remembered when relaunching
  • Ability to change sort criteria (bottom of settings page)
  • Fix local artists view sort
  • Fix offline folder that was removed when synching
  • Crash fixes

Release 1.0.1(1027)

  • Save local library scroll position for tracks, albums, artists: e.g. when going back from an album tracks view to the albums view, the position in the albums view is remembered
  • Correctly save the playlists folders expand status, including streaming ones

Release build 1.0.1(1026)

  • Local playlists export/import as .m3u files
  • Move button to open the recycle bin in the Library Settings
  • Fix albums scrolling smoothness
  • Scroll to playing track when opening a tracks list view containing it
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.0.1(1025)

  • Fix in UI when setting an album/track favorite
  • Fix playing DSD tracks of different sample rates in ASIO

Release 1.0.1(1024)

  • UI Performance strong improvement
  • Recently Added criteria in Smart Playlist (to show only new additions)
  • WMA files: import, and metadata editing
  • Fix SACD ISO, DSD files seek when playing
  • And crash fixes