Changed hard drive/playlists not recognising


I changed the external hard drive with all of my music files on it (copied/cloned everything to a new hard drive).

I didn’t change the name of any of the files to these folders.

I erased the old link in Audirvana preferences, then created a new link to the new hard drive.

When I look at the listing in “library” I see it has created a new list of the music from this hard drive but all my playlists are still linked to the “old” folders/hard drive and show up as 'grey/'unplayable.

What is the easiest way to fix this?
Thank you for your time and help!
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Hmm that is a good question. I don’t think playlists are designed to automatically update if you change the location of the files. Not sure how Audirvana handles them by default, but the old school m3u playlists are basically nothing more then text files with the file location and file name of each piece of music in the playlist.

Do you run on Windows or macOS? If you run on Windows does the new hard drive use a different drive letter? If so, perhaps you can give it the same drive letter as the old drive. And the old drive a different drive letter. If the folders and files are in the same location otherwise. Then you’re playlists will work again as before.

You can do this in Disk Management. In Windows 10 right click on the Windows logo on the task bar and select Disk Management, then it should look as follows

Then right click on the hard disk, and select Change Drive Letter and Paths

On macOS the volume name has to be the same as the old drive for this to work.

Otherwise you’ll probably have to recreate the playlists from scratch, by deleting the missing files and add them again manually.

Thanks so much for your quick reply, it helps a lot!

I’m on mac, and now that you mention it I did change the “name” of the hard drive of the new one (the rest is an identical clone).

Tonight, if I’m lucky, that might correct things.


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I have this question to. Did the trick from sandsOfArrakis work?