Changing album name

I can’t figure out how to change the album name. In 3.5 it was easy. You could change the name directly in the metadata space under album title and save. Now, it doesn’t work. I copy another name in the space in the metadata window, hit save, but the old one comes back.

I have a problem because during the migration to studio, in a section of the database, all album names were switched to a totally different album name and I am trying to correct this.

The issue with the ghost files could be an issue here. I have two versions of each track, one with the original album name and another with this irrelevant name. How can I tell which is the “good” one? They both play fine.

Another comment: I was wrong about hitting save and nothing happens. The save button does not appear at all. So how do I change an album name?

Hello @echibas,

As we told you by mail, there is an issue with your database and we are still working on a way so you will not loose all of your playlist after the removal of your database.

Does this issue mean that album names cannot be changed?

If you are changing the name of an album and press return key or closing the metadata panel do not ask if you want to save the change then yes, this issue affect the change of metadata.

I have tried in a different place to change the album name, using the same album in both the managed folder path and the volumes path and nothing happens when I put in a new album name. The save button doesn’t appear when I press enter or when I close the window.

I understand from what you are saying that the way to change the album name is making the change in the metadata window the same as before. I mean when I fix my “issue”.

I have been doing amny changes in the metadata which seem to take effect. For example, renaming some genres. The new ones appear in the edit filters, for example. Will these changes actually take effect afterwards?

The problem with changed metadata is very serious. Apart from the fact that I want to show artists my way, there are serious mistakes, with artista appearing that should not be with the particular recording. This is really, really bad. How can I stop this. Isn’t it possible to completely block this unwanted manipulation? This is ruining my database!

Is it possible to get an answer to my question about the items that appear spontaneously in the metadata?

As we told you, your database is damaged but if you remove it to create a new one, you will loose all of your playlist. This is why we told you to wait for us about it, we will come back to you as soon as possible about this issue.

Thank you very much for your reply, Antoine. I am now well aware of my database problem and appretiate your efforts to find a solution in saving my playlists. I await it anxiously. My biggest problem in the database area right now is something else. I have seen many names appear on their own in my metadata that I don’t think has anything to do with my “issue”. There seems to me an algorithm for “updating” the metadata on its own. Let me know if I am wrong. But there is no other explanation for these additions.

I find this very disturbing. I like to decide what names to use. If I use “Berlin Philharmonic”, I don’t like to see “Berliner Phihalmoniker” messing up my data with the two orchestra names appearing. Also, if I want to use “Barenboim”, I don’t want the metadata to also have “Daniel Barenboim”. This uses more space and makes it more difficult to focus on the important information. And it is just the way I want it. Worse still, sometimes artists appear that have nothing to do with the recording. They are even from a period different from the recording. How can I stop this from happening? This a very big issue for me.

If I may ask you a question: Can I change all appearances of an artists name in one operation? If I go the an artist page by clicking his name, the same place where one chooses the sorting criteria, can I change the name there and it will change everywhere? Thank you very much for your help and I would like to congratulate you on the new Studio version. I like it very much, in spite of the issues it has brought, although I understand that many come from the previous version, which I also liked very much. This new one looks much netter. I left some comments with suggestions.

Here is an error caused by the awful thing where the database is changed by whatever you have that changes it. This is a screenshot of a recording of a Schubert quartet with the Hagen Quartet, but that includes other artists not involved in this recording.

I really wish you would allow me not to have strange information included in my database. I love Audirvana. Always have. But this is terrible. I beg you to allow me to opt out of this unnecessary invasion of my information.

I periodically back-up my music to another disc. I get these things to back-up which are wrong but I can’t be checking everything all the time to correct this. And there are other problems. When I select multiple tracks of a recording, I often get an empty Artists box because some tracks have additional data!