Changing artwork in an album changes artwork of other albums too

When I change the cover of an album in Audirvana, that cover replaces the cover of some other albums in my collection. It seems to replace only the covers of older mp3 songs/ albums. Not my flac albums that I ripped myself. The MP3 albums all get the same album cover. When I change another one back to the correct cover, it replaces the artwork of all these mp3 albums to the new one. So the change of an album cover in Audirvana changes all my mp3 album covers instead of just for that one particular album. By the way, I’m a Windows 10 user. Thx Luc

Do they have the “same” album name and/or are you going to change massively tracks from different albums?

No, there is no relation whatsoever between the albums. Apart from being downloaded mp3 files, mostly just one song. I’m only trying to change the artwork, nothing else. Reason is that Audirvana put the wrong artwork there in the first place. As explained, when I do that, it replaces the cover of several albums with that same picture…

Are they in different folders or all in one folder? Do the folders contain jpegs of artwork?

Very good question. It happens to albums that are located in the same folder. (I have alphabetical folders to cut the large database in parts) So, if I change the cover of an album of an artist in the J-folder, all mp3 albums of artists starting with a J change to the same picture. The artwork of my mp3 albums is in a separate artwork folder, which I use to change the cover in Audirvana. Interestingly, in the directory of Windows, the tracks are shown with the correct artwork.

oh, by the way, the artwork of my flac files are always in the same folder as the album files. The flac files don’t pose a problem.

The right folder structure to avoid this type of issues should be
Artist A
— Album 1
—— track01
—— track02
— Album 2
—— track01
… and so on

Do you mean that each album should be a separate subfolder? Thanks

Yes, this is the best way to avoid issues

Thanks a lot. I appreciate

Hi @lvdb, I was wondering whether a solution was confirmed for this particular issue. I am having the exact same situation. Changing the album art of one album will also change the album art for a number of other albums, seemingly at random. Regardless of which album I attempt to change the album art for, it immediately and automatically changes for those other albums as well. Thanks.

Hi John, the solution suggested by Stefano earlier on have worked for me. i.e. restructuring my database so that each album is a separate folder. I already had a substantial amount of albums when he suggested that solution. If that’s the case for you too, you could start with just the albums that have the issue. regards Luc

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