Chord devices ASIO native DSD512

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I have 2 questions: first of all, I have Chord Hugo 2, with ASIO drivers installed, and I want to know if I’m using DoP or DSD native with ASIO Drivers.

As you can see, the only options I have are DSD over PCM (1.0 or 1.1). So I want to know exactly what these options mean from Audirvana pov. (my color Hugo 2 says it’s DSD, but I don’t know if that means native or not, because if I set WASAPI driver with Hugo 2, the led says also DSD). These are the options with WASAPI, they look the same:

The other question is with DSD512 files: my Hugo 2 supports DSD512, I tried playing them with WASAPI driver, it works, but it’s converted to PCM by default. With ASIO, it either throws an error, or it’s stuck at 0:00 (I can see the waveform display, but if I seek at any point it stays there).

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You can see from your screen-shot below, that when you choose WASAPI your DAC is recognized as being able to playback up-to DSD256 (11.2MHz) files…

You can see from your screen-shot below, that when you choose ASIO your DAC is recognized as being able to playback up-to DSD512 (22.4MHz) files…

Generally, Windows users play DSD as native (raw) format.
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Ok, so that DSD over PCM 1.1 for ASIO driver means that it is native, right?

Regarding not being able to play DSD512 file, do you have any suggestions?

Dsd over pcm 1.1 will do 512 on PC. And yes it is dsd.

Cool, thx. But the issue with DSD512 is still there: I can’t play it natively.

DoP 1.1 (DSD over PCM) is a PCM carrier file format for transfer of native DSD data… The DoP 1.1 PCM carrier sample-rate for DSD256 is 705.6kHz… the DoP 1.1 carrier sample-rate for DSD512 is 1411.2KHz

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You can’t play DSD512 via WASAPI as shown in the screenshots.

Nope, I can’t play DSD512 with native ASIO (as show in the picture it is seen as compatible). With WASAPI, it is converted to PCM because Audirvana sees it as not supported. So the issue is with ASIO, cause that’s what I’m using.
If I play with ASIO, like I said, it’s either playback error or stuck at 00:00.

Have you downloaded the Windows driver for Hugo available on the Chord site?.. The ASIO handshake report in Audirvana is showing PCM sample-rates to 1536kHz… This does not look correct if the Hugo 2 is spec’d to 768kHz … I got tripped-up by the ASIO handshake report, when stating you could support DSD512 via DoP 1.1 … It appears only raw native 22.4MHz DSD512 is supported. The DAC needs to support 1411.2kHz for DoP transmission of DSD512.

From the Hugo 2 description on the Chord site:

PCM support: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 717.6kHz, and 768kHz. 16 – 32bit

DSD support: Native playback supported. DSD64 (Single) to DSD512 (Octa-DSD)

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@Antoine - This appears to be a bug in Audirvana:

@TheSpidyFlash, you should not be seeing the “Native DSD streaming method” option in ASIO, only in WASAPI. But when you first go to WASAPI settings, then to ASIO, Audirvana retains the “Native DSD Streaming Method” option in error. (Also erroneous resolutions are reported, like 1536kHz PCM for Hugo.) Try going to Kernel Streaming, then switching to ASIO and see whether you still have the “Native DSD Streaming Method” option or whether it has been (correctly) eliminated and whether Audirvana is now showing correct PCM and DSD resolutions highlighted for your DAC.

Hey @Jud,

Nope, it doesn’t work. Whatever I do, that 1536kHz PCM and Native method option is still there. And yes, I already stated that I installed the official drivers, without them there are no ASIO drivers available.

Do you have any other suggestions?

LE: I reinstalled ASIO drivers, and made sure that they were uninstalled (so no ASIO driver found), but it’s the same error.


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Just wanted to confirm that DSD512 is working fine on my Hugo 2 :slight_smile: .

As you can see, it plays perfectly with JRiver with Native DSD.

Hi @TheSpidyFlash,

I need to contact Chord regarding this, it seems something is odd with their ASIO driver when we look at it with a Chord device in our development environment.

Thank you. Please keep me posted.

You may also want to contact Chord about your issue… :wink:

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I did. I’ll wait and see if they can help.

From Chord:

Thank you. We are now working directly with Audivarna on this.
All the best

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Yes, I’m in contact with the technical manager on this case :wink:

Cool. Please keep me posted.

Hi @TheSpidyFlash, just a quick note to inform you I sent an email to the technical manager of Chord, hope to get an answer from him soon.

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