Chord Mojo up-sampling DSD

Is anyone facing issue up-sampling to DSD (256,128,64) with Chord Mojo? Is happening using Asio or Wasapi drivers. Music play only for a few second and than follow a white noise. This happen only with Chord Mojo. I tested with others DAC and it work perfect.

I get the same issue!

I would like to know all of the optimum settings for Windows 10 to Chord Mojo.

FYI, I have been using Audirvana Win10 and Chord Qutest. Upsampling upto DSD256 ok (WASAPI which is more stable, intermittent clicks if using Chord Qutest ASIO), but cannot play native DSD512 file (Audirvana Win10 sees it as 32/1536kHz Stereo file when selecting Chord Qutest ASIO driver). Just for your reference.