Chord Poly disappears and reappears on Audio Output List

I have Audirvana on two Mac’s per the licensing, one on a MacBook Air at home and one on an iMac at work. My output device of choice is a Chord Mojo/Poly combination. It works flawlessly at home. At work we are on a authentication security network so since the Poly cannot log in I have IMac set up as internet sharing on the WiFi while using hard cable for network connection. I know the Poly is communicating because I can see it in Sound Preferences and select it as airplay. I initially had trouble seeing the Poly in Audirvana Audio Output, then one day it showed up and I’ve been successfully using it including DSD output. Today my Mac locked up and after a restart, the software can no longer see the Poly. I’ve restarted a couple of times to no avail. I have confirmed that the Poly is on the network. Not sure what to do next