Clarification about the development of Studio & Origin

Hello @Antoine
I´m sure you are working hard with all the questions about A Origin. Can you please answer my question of April 15:

Very cool project for me only using local files: Thank you. I’m curious, if the hickups of AS are corrected now.

2 questions to @Antoine: Are the new features only included in Audirvana Origin or will they be included as well in AS?
2nd question: In the offer it says “At least one feature yearly updates until 2025”. What does that mean? One update per year at least or will there be a continuous updating process as with AS to improve existing bugs mentioned by the users in this forum?

Thank you for claryfying these uncertainties.

In other words: Are Studio and Origin developed alongside and Origin has the same capabilities as Studio, but without the streaming functions?
Thank you

Very short answer: Yes.

When we are making some changes in Audirvāna Studio for the local Library section, it will be added to Audirvāna Origin. It may not be added at the same time as Audirvāna Studio but you will regularly get updates as Audirvāna Studio does.

Thank you for your fast answer.

For users (with local database) Audirvana misses several basic features handling the library compared to other music apps. Me and others list them for a long time since A 3.5. To deepen trust in your development and motivating users to buy a licence, it would be helpfull to know, when these problems are solved. All the frustrated comments in this community would disappear and change to thankfullness and joy.
Maybe you know DEVONthink, an app to handle large databases of files. When you look here (Download DEVONthink Pro for Mac | MacUpdate) into the section " What’s new in version 3.8.3" you see how they develop their app. All the problems, that users report, are implemented fastly.

What are the plans of your team?

There will always be some feature you’re missing. It’s pretty useful to me as it is.

One should always judge the software on the current state of development, not on a features that might or might not come. If it’s usable to you as it is, it’s safe to buy/subscribe.


Apps always have some features, we would like to have - that’s true.

But Audirvana misses basic features for years now. The advertisement is huge (enjoy music without any disturbing details) compared to what you find. Sound is great - perfectly done, library management not.