Clicks between DSD tracks


I have purchased several albums from in DSD format (multichannel). I have a Mac Mini connected through HDMI to a Pioneer receiver. As the receiver does not accept DSD data, I set Audirvana to convert the signal to PCM on the fly. The result is a not-so-perfect sound (which is a different issue) and I hear clicks between tracks. I listen to Classical music mostly and need gapless playback. But the clicks are just annoying. Is there any way to resolve this?

I am just astonished by the fact that one can encounter such a problem. Of course, this issue doesn’t exist (and never existed) for PCM files.

There is a long article at ( about resolving this issue by joining tracks into one big file. I tried even this (I was really desperate) using Aul ConverteR, but clicks remain even in the joined file. It is written in the article that “Most premium software players” will be able to avoid the clicks. This does not seem to be the case for Audirvana…

Any ideas?

Many thanks,