Clicks on Windows 10 / Chord Mojo

Hi, I’m experiencing clicks during playback using Qobus /Audirvana on Windows 10 / Chord Mojo. No clicks using the same set up with the Qobus software. The Mojo looks as though it’s been recognised correctly, Supported PCM rates 44.1 – 768 / DSD not supported / Not MQA / DSD … None, convert to PCM / etc.
I’ve played around with the memory allocation to max (7071 Mb) / Upsampling is off / Software control is off … without any success.
Any ideas?

How much memory(RAM) do you have installed? Have you installed the latest ASIO driver?

Do you have the same issue with WASAPI?

Thank you bitracer!!!
ASIO driver installed and works perfectly … many thanks!