Coil whine problem

Hello there,
I’m quite annoyed by coil whine from my mini fanless PC.

The PC is completely silent but when audirvana is opened there’s a coil whine. This fanless mini PC is connected to my amplifier by USB. The sound is great but this coil noise is awful!! Too bad. Audirvana is connected to my Tidal account with master quality in streaming.
I don’t have any music file in local. This Mini PC is only used to play music. There’s no unnecessary software installed.

Is there anyone who had a same problem and solved it?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

It could be that there is a probleem with an earthloop within the usb connection between your mini pc and the dag, which could be corrected with an ifi usb purifier3.
Also the PC powersupply cold be the issue here.
If it is a low voltage (somewhere in between 5-19VDC) switched powersupply, than you can upgrade this supply with a ifi DC purifier2.
You cold also change this powersupply with a non switching powersupply.
Make also sure that the PC in not to close in the vicinty of your dac positioned.
Hopefully jou are alle to trackdown your probleem with this info.
Best regards,

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