Column width shrinks always to minimum


my problem is that the column width in Audirvana Studio while browsing through the Qobuz Liberay always shrink down to its minimum sizes to each column (see red circle on the picture)

Is there a workaround for this problem?

Thank you

Hello @Msav,

if you click on Alle anzeigen and change the width of column, if you go back to this view, do you still get your column width shrink ?

I have the same problem. Its been like it since the trial of Audirvana Studio. When I click view all I change the cloumn width but it does not save. It shrinks back everytime I start Audirvana.

Are you using Windows 10 and Qobuz connected?

Yes, I am using Win10 and Qobuz connected.

I changed my language in Audirvana Studio from German to English.

As you can see in my pictures below, Audirvana can held my changes in column width if i changed it manually under “See all” and go back (see green rectangle on Picture 3). But unfortunately only temporarily.

If I click on any Artist on “Similar Artist” (see orange arrows on picture 3) the column width will get lost again after i switched to another artist (see red circle on picture 4).

But fortunately the column width of Albums (see green rectangle picture 5) seems not to be affected form this issue.

Whats annoying me the most is that under my “Favorite” Songs this column width issue is also present (red circle on picture 6)

I have been able to reproduce the issue on my side with multiple attempts. I will need to check with Damien if he’s also able to reproduce the issue easily to fix it once and for all.