Compatability with Chord streamer


I have been enjoying Audirvana for quite some time now with my Mac Mini.

I would like to add a dedicated streaming device to my system.

Will the Chord 2GO work with Audirvana?

I am not interested in ROON Etc.

Want to keep my library Etc the same.

Was looking at a Lumin Etc. and they would not work with Audirvana.

Most appreciated


I use the Audirvana remote on my I pad.

Would like to keep using this.


I have still not received any replies on this.

I do not know how to contact Audirvana directly.

I was just informed the Chord works with UPNP.

I would think Audirvana does as well?

Please let me know?

Most appreciated

There are very few informations on the net, someone says it works.
But I think it should be better to ask (or try if possible) a dealer or, better, Chord.
It is not a cheap component …

Thank you Stefano,

I have spent much time looking this up on the internet.
Not much information if any out there on this subject.

I like Audirvana very much and want to keep using it.

It has also been difficult to find out what other devices work with it other than Mac’s. Etc.

Really do not want to change from Audirvana.

Will look into how I can get someone to try it out for me first.

Most appreciated

There is a good chance it will work. Chord has decent UPnP implementation and it’s a good device. I would take the risk, especially if you already own the Hugo2.

Hi @mrpanda ,

I have a Chord Poly and Mojo, so whilst not the same as the Hugo & 2Go, both have similar capabilities, albeit with a different sound signature (and price) etc…

They both support UPNP/DLNA, and that’s the way i have my Poly/Mojo working with Audirvana.

There’s a ‘Play Mode’ setting in the ‘GoFigure’ app you use to configure the Poly and 2Go… either ‘Roon’ or ‘Everything Else’… Roon is obviously for enabling the Poly/2Go to be in RAAT protocol mode, while ‘Everything Else’ is for the UPNP/DLNA protocol.

Hope that makes sense. You just need a bluetooth enabled device (phone/tablet) to control the Poly/2Go via the ‘GoFigure’ app.


Thank you for your most appreciated reply.

I do not have a Hugo.

I would like to keep using the DAC I have an upgrade another time in the future.

Want a dedicated streaming device to replace my Mac Mini.

Al looking into the 2go and 2U.

I really do not see why one would need to be shackled having to use specific software by a manufacture of the player.

As you know,
Most other companies do so.

Audirvana is an excellent product.

I also believe that spending a significant amount of money on a life time subscription of another such product is waste since I do not feel all these companies might not be around far in the future.
Audirnavana Etc. has very reasonable pricing.



someone who has such a device.

Yes this makes perfect sense.

The Chord does need GoFig. app to set it up.
This was on of my questions of how to set it up for Roon or other.

I would have hoped I Could avoid BT but this only seem to be for the connection.
This would not be in the signal chain.

Of course I Pad has BT as many other devices do.

There are not to many choices on the market for what I am looking for,
no Dac, No drive Etc.

Of course most need to be used with their own software.

I think Chord are very good products and I have a very good support person if I need help setting it up Etc.
But he was not sure about how to answer my question about Audirvana neither was the distributor.

Most appreciated

yes, @mrpanda, bluetooth is only required when making any changes to the settings in the GoFigure app… once you make those changes you can disable bluetooth again, and just enjoy listening to your music via Audirvana app.

If you wanted to switch sources to any music you might have stored on the memory card inserted into the 2Go / Poly, then this can also be done via Audirvana (choose ‘local’ option instead of Tidal/Qobuz), or you could use the GoFigure app for that too… or use the app to listen to internet radio stations also.

Hope this helps…

If you don’t plan on buying Hugo2, there are other cheaper option.

yes, if you just want a networked streamer to then connect via optical or usb to a dac, there are lots of options, including a Raspberry-Pi based solution which has several good reviews and plenty of videos available to help build/configure it if required.

Yes there are other options out there for far less.

I have reasons for looking into Chord some of which I have already addressed and at some in the future I might want to add a Chord DAC to my system.

Thank you


This helps quite bit.

I have no immediate interest in using their internal storage.

I have everything on a NAS.

I use Qoubz as well.
I like their services very much.

I am not getting poor SQ from my mini in the least.
Just want a dedicated streaming device instead.

Not interested in going with another computer based system like Raspberry Pi Etc.

But yes,

there or other more reasonable and different options for what I am trying to do.


Just a quick thank you again.

This is the first solid information I have received regarding my questions.

Just found out my dealer is getting a 2Go in so I can try it out but the 2U is month or so away.
Fine with me.
Am in no hurry.

Looks like the 2 GO can also work with Mac Mini if I am interested in trying that but this is not really the point.

Most appreciated

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Hi @mrpanda

Glad to hear you’ll be able to give them both a try soon… hopefully it will be worth the wait for you!

Please do report back with the outcome of your testing, I’d be very interested to hear what you think.

I’ve been pleased with the Poly/Mojo as it suits my listening habits (typically in bed, so wanted the portability).


I was meeting with my dealer yesterday.

Not sure when the 2Go will come in and the 2Yu seems to be arriving in the future.

My dealer is not sure why I would need BT for the remote control on my I pad.
He says it should be on the network and no BT needed.

This is the way I have it working now.

Please let me know what you think?

Thank you

Hi @mrpanda,

Maybe it’s different for 2Go, but for Poly bluetooth is needed if you wanted to use the GoFigure app to configure the Poly, then this is the reason for enabling bluetooth, as the GoFigure app works over bluetooth. Maybe the 2Go config works over wifi?

So, for Poly, it’s not needed all the time, but only needed when you want to change the configuration, and you need to use the GoFigure app.

Hope that makes sense?

Best regards,

This t makes perfect sense.

Not really why I am concerned at all since it has not part of the signal chain.
But that is just me.

By the way,
I am not looking for a small portable device.
I am going to use in in my Larger in home system.

Have been interested in Chord for long time and I have someone ho can help me with it in the future.

I think you have very good bed side system.

Thank you

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Hello Mike,

Hope your doing well.

I was offered a PS Audio DAC and transport for great price from a friend.
I could not refuse this most generous offer.

It really has been quite an improvement in SQ.

I am back looking into dedicated streaming device that will work with Audirvana.
I do not remember what you recommended.

I do not want another computer.

Just dedicated streaming device.

I was not convinced the Cord 2go and 2YU were the best options.

What do you suggest?

Thank you,