Compilation Album not a Compilation Album?

I have recently noticed a problem with some compilation Albums.
Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
This is what I came upon:

My music collection contains a few hundred compilation albums.
All are properly tagged as compilations, and all are left with empty “Album Artist” tag.
This has been carefully verified time and again.
They are all stored in the same “Compilations” folder, within the Monitored Folder set up in Audirvana’s Preferences.

I discovered that Inexplicably, 60 of those compilation albums have been imported erroneously by Audirvana under the name of one of the Artists of the album, (not always the first track artist).
I have managed to sort out about half of those albums using the tag editing feature and erasing the Album Artist chosen by Audirvana.
I am left with approximately 30 albums that Audirvana stubbornly refuses to put right despite seemingly allowing editing and saving of the Album Artist tag.

To make sure it was not a one-of occurence, I have removed all those albums from Audirvana by removing their folders from the hard disk on which I store my music. I have then launched a synchronisation, followed by a full maintenance routine and a closure of Audirvana.
Having relaunched Audirvana, I re-imported all those albums, but Audirvana has again imported them in the same but erroneous way as before.

I must point out that the same albums are imported as compilations without any problem in other softwares I tried.

I am using the latest version of Audirvana for MacOs: 3.5.44

What does Audirvana do when importing compilation albums that can lead to this result?
Could someone help me understand what is going on?

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