"Composer" view bug


When I view the library by Composers (Library - Artists - Composers) I get correct list of composers. But no albums displayed when I click on any composer.

This is 100% repeatable:

  1. Create an empty folder on disk and add this folder alone in “Monitored folders”

  2. Put a single track into it with following metadata:

  • Artist: TestArtist
  • Album Artist: TestAlbumArist
  • Composer: TestComposer
  1. Go to “LIBRARY” -> “ARTIST” (Composers)
    Composer “list” is OK

  2. Click on “TestComposer”:

Forgot to say:
Audirvana ver. 3.5.10 for Windows

Hello @een251, thank you for your report. We could find where does this bug is from and we will fix it in a future update of Audirvana for MacOS and Windows 10

I am also seeing this bug on Mac OS Catalina, using trial version of 3.5.33 (3563).