Composer view

Hi there. I’ve been using Audirvāna since V1. 3.5 is the one I’m currently using even though i regret the browsing method of older version. But what’s going on with the Origin method ? How can i get the Composer view like in previous version where in library>album i can sort by composer ? It’s a deal breaker to me. THANKS


Thank you so much. But it mean that if i want to go back and forth between composers and album artist i must go through this dock ? There is no other workaround ? THanks

Euh… i don’t that use that field in my library :slight_smile:
but you can try making ‘smart playlists’ ?

You can also shorten that filter window to have it always on your screen, like i did for my list of Smart Playlists, maybe easier, you can dock it on the left or right or just positionne it were you want… Then you can choose fast Album Artist or Composer :slight_smile: