Composers In Brakets Beside Grouping

Hi all! I have a few albums in my library where I have more than one copy/remaster of them so to sort them I use the grouping feature. That way above one copy of the albums reads “Original Mix” while the other reads “2005 Remastered”. However, everytime I use this the composers appear beside this headline in brakets. Is there a way to get rid of this ? Thanks

Hello @sonofodin25, this feature is enable by default to view which composer made the group of tracks. This settings can’t be deactivated.

Just want to reopen this. Why does the composer appear in brackets there? It doesn’t make sense, especially as it displays the composer of track 1. Just about OK if all the tracks are by the same composer, but ridiculous when they’re not, which is often!

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Agreed, if we could re-open this or maybe even have a feature to disable it, I think it would be greatly appreciated.