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So, first of all, I have a mix of DSD files along with normal PCMs. What I’m seeing is that in Settings, under Audio Signal Analysis, it clearly says that I don’t have any album to verify:

But what I’ve seen is that the DSD ones are not seen here, only the PCM ones. But if I go to any DSD album, and go to details Ctrl+I, I can manually trigger this validation and it works:

Do you know how I can enforce ReplayGain for all my DSD albums from Settings, and not manually for each of them? Also, why Dynamic Range is not computed for DSD, only the DR number? (also, do you know how it’s computed?)


First, you must understand that no DSP can be applied to 1-bit PDM (DSD) files… In-order to apply level changes to DSD files, they are converted to multi-bit PCM (PCM-Wide) where the level change is applied and subsequent of this operation, the file is modulated (converted) back to 1-bit PDM (DSD) at the original sample-rate for output.

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When i make an error and click compute on a Audirvana .dsf file, i always find the DR number are anything, way outside !??!

I always put my .dsf files in JRiver first for tags and compute them there, then when i import them in Audirvana the numbers are there, i never do them in Audirvana.

Maybe you can try the free trial and do all your files there :slight_smile:

Can you please show me a screenshot with Audirvana and how they look? Does it compute also the Dynamic range and DR?

Nvm, found it :slight_smile: I’ll try and see other algorithms how they work.


JRiver calculated everything… Audirvana show the DR number from JRiver, but if you put info window in Audirvana, nothing is done, but if i add BPM or anything else done by JRiver, they will appear. I just use DR number in my layout :slight_smile: Ouppss, didn’t see your nvm :slight_smile:

Is there any other software that can analyze DSD files?

The ones presented here are not working for DSD files, and foobar2000’s dynamic range analyzer doesn’t work anymore for 2.* version.

i don’t know others since i use JRiver for that.
It is free to try for 30 days with full features…
Do all the files you have already :slight_smile:
should not take 30 days to do that :slight_smile:

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