Comunity opinion about deleting post ?

Hello Audirvana community!

What do you think about deleting Audirvana users posts from this community?

Whilst it’s understood by most, if not all on here that this forum has particular ‘no abuse’ rules in place, I firmly believe that users posting and almost immediately deleting their posts is beginning to make somewhat of a mockery of this site.
If a user posts something which they may regret, they should at least have the minerals to apologise, rather than delete something they may say in error, leaving any subsequent arguement looking rather foolish and with no context.
As far as I can see, there are only one or possibly two users resorting to this. It’s becoming extremely tiresome. It’s even more annoying when another user is able to delete posts which THEY DIDN’T MAKE, but perhaps just don’t agree with.
As such, is it not possible to disable ‘normal’ users ability to delete posts on a whim?

Hello @Ironz,

The only peoples that can remove their post are the one posting the message or the Audirvāna Staff. If you have examples of post that have been removed but not by us or by the poster itself, please send me a link to those post.

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You can’t delete someone else’s posts, but you can flag it as inappropriate.

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Are you referring to a certain someone in the following post (I don’t want to mention names, but you know who I mean)?

Exclusive streaming service advantages - Audirvāna Studio / Advanced Playback Console - Audirvana

I am pretty sure that this person has deleted his own post. I have seen that happen several times before with this forum member (also in the Roon forum). This can give some confusion and frustration, certainly when others answered the person already and his original post is nowhere to be found.

I doubt that the Audirvana moderation staff has anything to do with this.
And, as said before, you can only delete your own posts. You can only flag someone else’s post, but not delete them.

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@Antoine @bitracer
Sorry, you’re both of course correct. Delete wasn’t the correct terminology, flagged or hidden as suggested by @AndyLubke being the correct terminology. I honestly fail to see how this can be allowed to occur simply because of a difference of opinion.

Yes Andy, I certainly am.

Note that I’m the one looking at every flag being done by user and most of the time, the flag are not relevant so I ignore the flag and the post can be seen again.

Which is always the childish thing to do - the amount of over-sensitive individuals flagging posts for whatever reason around here is ridiculous. Don’t like it, don’t read it or respond to it - let people air their ideas, however unpleasant they may seem to you.

I don’t think it is ‘always’ a childish thing to do. It is not as absolute as that. Racism, personal threats, personal insults, name calling, extreme disrespectfulness etc. are (in my opinion) reasons to be flagged. After all this is a forum about Audirvana, a music player software for audio/music hobbyists/lovers. Of course the final decision is up to the moderators, but without moderation even the most innocent forum can turn into a toxic environment to be in.

On some other note, I know there are some forum members who do a lot of baseless flagging (even if a post is respectful and reasonable, but they just don’t like it). Obviously I don’t agree with that kind of ‘flagging abuse’ at all. Maybe there could be some protection mechanism in place for that?