Configure volume control in audirvana

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I did not understand the subtlety of refining the setting and adjusting the volume in Audirvana

The first thing is to adjust the output to the desired volume, it will be -3.9 dB

then it is to be able to adjust a percentage between 0 or 100% so as not to have any capping

I know it’s possible but I don’t know how to implement it

thank you for your suggestions


From the Volume Leveling information guide:

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Hello I am using Audirvana Studio on a MacBook Air connected via USB to a Bryston BR-20 internal DAC.

I disabled the software volume control in Audirvana but, even after that, I can still move the volume slider and it does affect the output level i can hear through the speakers: is that the normal behavior?

I was expecting the slider to be disabled once i disable the “Software Volume Control” switch.

Yes I believe it is. With my KEF LS50’s and 60’s with software volume control off I can still adjust the volume in Audirvana Studio by using the volume slider at the bottom right of the Audirvana Studio app window.

From the Audirvana Software Volume Control help file…

“Audirvāna has a high-quality internal digital volume control. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it in this window. This can be useful if the connected audio device does not allow Audirvāna to adjust it from the app (grayed out volume bar).”

Obviously your BR-20 does allow volume to be controlled from the app.

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Thanks for the reply, still I cannot understand what is actually disabled when i switch software volume control off.

Could it be that such setting is disabling only volume control in the digital domain?

In a way yes. The Audirvana software control is well implemented and includes anti-aliasing apparently. Maybe @Antoine can explain in more detail how the Audirvana software control is implemented.

The following thread has quite an intense discussion on it (half way through the thread). As many different opinions as there are volume control methodologies

My own interpretation is it is off by default so I leave it that way as my KEF speakers over UPnP allow the Audirvana app to control the volume with the slider. Why complicate the playback/processing chain any more than you need to?

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