Confirm this configuration works olease

I have downloaded the trial of the software. My PC is a Windows 10 I 7 computer. I am pointing at the stereo is a Windows 7 computer with iFi DAC Initially set up through JRiver.

Audirvana sees the DAC and music plays without difficulty.

Is this a legitimate(ie, full resolution, should work well ) configuration as the endpoint PC is not a windows 10 computer?

Thank you

Olease is please…

Do you mean you would like to use Audirvana on Windows 7?

I understand the software will not run on Windows 7

I installed Audirvana in a windows 10 pc. Files imported.

The software sees my ASIO driver on a my win 7 end point ( at the stereo). There is NO Audirvana on this PC.

Music plays at my stereo via DAC hooked via usb to the Win 7 pc. I presume Audirvana database m, processing etc all fine in Win10 pc.

Is this expected behavior? Should this work? Would this give full resolution? Will this create stability issues, etc


[Having trouble getting it to recognize and log into Tidal and can’t get the iPad app to recognize this pc ( but I presume I can with this out eventually ) ]

Why are you still using your Windows 7 computer? Is it for using the ASIO driver? Have you tried to installed it on your Windows 10 computer?

I’m using the 8 year old MacBook using Win 7 because it works fine with JRiver and has for several years

I am looking at streaming as I probably won’t buy anymore CD’s - already have many

I am looking at other options but see no reason to but another PC just to test potential software particularly as I don’t require it currently

My Windows 10 PC is not going to be used the stereo; the WIN 7 PC is for use with the stereo - for now.

I am looking at options such as Roon (works OK, more expensive, but has more features than Audirvana but not sure most of them are of interest to me).

My main goal is organizing current CD collection and streaming Qobuz or Tidal. Audirvana seems to do this at a reasonable price

I set up Audirvana on the Windows 10 PC. Created a library. Stil ahve iisues with ipad ap and cant logon to Tidal but I presume I could eventually work these issues out

Audirvana plays to the ASIO driver on the WIN 7 PC. No Audirvana on the WIN n7 PC however.

I think all I really want to know
for now
-is whether this represents a reasonable way to use Audirvana or not
-am I getting full resolution in this configuration
-is there some reason not to do things this way?


Okay I better understand your point. Note that using Windows 7 these days is not secure but if you want to use your win 7 connected to Audirvana on Windows 10, this can work but it will not be efficient as the audio signal will get to you Windows 7 computer and will be altered by it. It would be more convenient to use the Windows 10 computer with USB connection to have the best audio quality possible.

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