Confused ... Absolute beginner

Hi there, I am trying Audirvana as a belated refugee from the catastrophe that was iTunes … I have installed and logged in … and the app only shows me some kind of onscreen DAC module player … I still have not seen any kind of screen for my library that I recognise. Is there such a screen? I don’t understand!

Does it look like this?

Yes! That is all I can get. That can’t be it surely?

Luckily not. The mode you are in now you can select the music from iTunes and Audirvana ensures playback and therefore an improved quality.

Please disable ITunes integrated mode to get standard functionality.

ok so the device thingy is just a player to play from itunes? I am trying to replace itunes.

OK integration disabled … I see the ful library window now. Thank you.

OK I have to full interface now … it looks amazing, what I was looking for and more. SO I go to check how much it costs to buy … seems to be subscription only. Is this the case?


Yes, it’s not for sale, only for subscribers.

OK can anyone recommend an alternative that is not subscription based?

It depends on what are your requirements of the player.

Hi Joju

If you’re not worried about Tidal/Qobuz integration, then I’d look at JRiver. It’s not free however as you’ll have to purchase a license for the current version, but it isn’t subscription based.

I am quite happy to pay for a great app. Here is my checklist:

I am not streaming, I am download only. I don’t like subscription apps. I am rather old-fashioned I think …

I don’t want TV or video. Just music. I don’t want integration into retail platforms and definitely not into streaming!

I am looking for an app to manage a large music library, import my iTunes playlists, and play all formats. I want to transfer to my (vintage) ipod.
I would also really like an elegant, attractive and intuitive interface.

I would welcome your recommendations here, thank you for your wisdom everyone

Ironz, thank you for your response … I don’t know what Tidal/Qobuz means, but I will check it!

Tidal and Qobuz are streaming services.
The advice that @Ironz gave you match your requirements, except the interface. It’s an iTunes like UI.
It also manages video collections, but there’s no obligation to use this feature. You can even disable it.

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OK that sounds great. Thank you for taking the time

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Try JRiver, it does audio and video but can easily be set up to be audio only.

It is

Mac windows or Linux or all 3 , (master license)
Bit perfect
Specific import set up for iTunes ( a recent addition when iTunes went belly up)
Talks direct to vintage iPod , mines a classic 160 gb

It has a 30day demo , it’s $60 then $20 a year after if you WANT …

It has a very helpful forum

I think many of us had concerns over the subscription model, but particularly for smaller developers it may provide more regular income.

I’m also fairly traditional and like to purchase a licence, however when I think about it, I frequently upgrade as newer software versions come along (I upgrade old Audrivana twice), so provided developments are worthwhile subs may make sense. Even if there are few new features it still takes work to maintain compatibility with new OS updates which are increasingly important for security.


Hi Mike.
Yep, a version-specific license is about $60. I’m assuming the $20 you’ve quoted is the cost for any version upgrades? If so, I’d like to point out that this isn’t obligatory. I’ve still got v23 running with no problems and the current release is v28. You’d probably only upgrade every 2 or 3 years imo.
Agree re. the forum also :+1:

And I’m running V26. I did not upgrade to V27, because most improvements were for video management and I didn’t need them.
Do you know what’s new in V28?

Hi Doudou.

No, not really.
I haven’t followed their version releases once it became apparent that the incorporation of streaming services wasn’t going to be an option.
Shame, as I really liked it-the performance was pretty much rock solid, and the JRemote worked pretty much flawlessly.

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