Connect MacBook Air M2 via USB-C to HDMI with DAC


I have a problem trying to connect my Macbook air with the DAC via USB-C to HDMI cable. I’m connecting the MacBook Air to a minidsp nano AVR HD via USB-C to HDMI cable. From the minidsp via HDMI to a Panasonic SA-XR 700 which is used as DAC and 6 channel amplifier for the active 3 way speaker. Beside the fact that I only can select 48kHz/24Bit in the Midi Controller for the XR700 Audirvana does not play the songs correctly. Audirvana skips through the songs in the same speed as the songs are loading (takes about 5 seconds for a song). I cannot find any specs by Apple regarding the format capability using the USB-C port. I used the same setup with a WIN 10 laptop using a native HDMI port without any issues and Audirvana displaying up to 196kHz/64bit for the SA-XR 700. I know that this a unique configuration, but does somebody had the same problem before? Is there a fix to it?

What do you see in Audio MIDI Setup when you connect the MBA directly to the receiver?
Please provide a screen-shot…
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Looks like an Apple problem. Did some more research and seems to be the hardware of the MBA. Most user report that they can select 48kHz only when using HDMI. Please see below

I keep using the WIN 10 laptop as it supports all formats and sounds awesome compared to the Apple TV I used before.

What do you see in Audio MIDI Setup when the MBA is connected directly to the receiver via HDMI?
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From the thread you linked: “M1/M2 only assume HDMI to be out with 48.”

I’m thinking a simple solution would be to get an inexpensive USB-C to Ethernet adapter and use an ordinary Ethernet cable into the miniDSP. Guessing this might solve your problem, and even if it doesn’t you haven’t spent much and might be able to use the USB-C to Ethernet adapter in the future.

This is the MIDI Setup when directly connected to the receiver.

Unfortunately the minidsp AVR HD only supports HDMI input. The Ethernet is only used for control.

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Ah, I saw the Ethernet connection on the back panel and thought that might be an input. Should have realized (Ethernet input is less common than one might wish). Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

No worries, I’m just a little bit disappointed by apple. Like I mentioned before

, I will keep using the old WIN 10 laptop. Play all the MQA files at the native format and detects the Panasonic receiver correctly.

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This may be a limitation of HDMI support in your MacBook Air…

From the Apple Support article: “Connect to HDMI from your Mac”

8-channel/24-bit audio at 192kHz, Dolby Surround 5.1, and traditional stereo
Some Mac computers with HDMI ports don’t support multi-channel audio. Check the tech specs for your Mac.]

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