Connect to audio device through display port

I love Audirvana! I can listen through my Imac USB connection to KEF LS 50 W speakers and it’s great. But I also have a Smyth Realiser, which allows me to listen via headphones using an external audio processor. This works fine on my windows laptop. But I’d like to listen through my main computer, an Imac. The Smyth device requires an HDMI connection. In its wisdom, the Imac no longer has an HDMI output. It has Thunderbolt 3. When I connect an HDMI adapter to the Thunderbolt port I can see “display port” listed on my Mac’s system-preferences-sound options. So now I can play audio through the Smyth Realiser and hear everything EXCEPT Audirvan sources through the headphones. But this option is not shown on Audirvan’s source menu. It just doesn’t show up. So I can’t take advantage of the benefits of Audirvana and use the Smyth device at the same time. Listening to TIDAL, for example, just isn’t as good going directly from TIDAL through the Smyth. The quality is not as good as using Audirvana. Is it possible to find a way to have the Smyth recognized by Audirvana and use this remarkable program?

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