Connecting MacBook to Sonos

Hi. If I connect the headphone output from my MacBook Pro (early 2015) to the line in socket of my Sonos Play 5. (original model). Will 24 bit tracks from my Qobuz account played on Audirvana be played as such?

I have a trial membership of Audirvana at present. Is the remote only available if and when I pay for a licence. I tried installing from thr Google Play store and ensured Mac Firewall was not blocking. It didn’t work. Thanks.

The line in socket is an analog connection therefore it depends on your MacBook Pro internal dac

Thanks Stefano. my MB pro can output 24bit to the headphone socket.

On my MacBook Pro late 2011 the internal dac can do up to 24/96

Same for mine. So should work .

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