Connectio to HiFi system

How do I link Audirvana to my hifi system? I have a Marantz amplifier for my CD player and turntable, which doesn’t have Bluetooth, it’s in a different room from my iMac. Do I need to get a separate DAC to communicate with the app?

All suggestions welcome!

Hi Richard,
In any case, you will need a DAC. A network player can be used that should be reachable from your iMAC either in wifi, or better with a wired connection. Once installed on the network, your network player will be reachable from Audirvana and should appear in the list of available devices.

Richard…I bought a MacMini from CraigsList to stream, then an outboard DAC (SMSL M500) out to my Yamaha AVR.

Works like a champ…Use Audirvana to stream Qobuz, Tidal, iTunes

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