Connection to Shure earphones plugged directly into Windows 10 computer

Have just introduced a new user. She is trying to set up but Audirvana does not show the earphones (only has the laptop speakers shown as audio device). Would appreciate any ideas,

Hello @nick, how the earphones are connected? Using a jack cable or via Bluetooth?

Hello again, Damien. Sorry about the delay. Earphones connected to the Win 10 cable via jack cable.

That’s normal, just select the default audio device (speakers).

Thanks bitracer. Already set to that so must be some other problem.

When you have selected the speakers, connected your earphones via jack, you can’t ear music when you use audirvana? When you plug your earphone, do you get a notification from Windows 10 that you connected a device?

I understood that the headphones are connected via 3.5mm jack. In that case the headphone is obviously not recognised.

Certainly doesn’t seem to be recognised. I’ll try asking Shure whether this particular earphone gives this problem. Thanks again.

It’s normal that it’s not recognized via 3.5mm. Make sure you‘ve plugged it in the correct port, not line out.

Thanks very much for your and Damien’s help so far. Apparently the Shure earphones can be problematic in terms of recognition. They were plugged into correct output. Waiting on reply from Shure UK to see if they can resolve that aspect.

Sorry about all the muddle. I’m writing on behalf of my daughter in another city so info is second hand and piecemeal. She will look into it again when time allows in the weekend.

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