Controll win 10 pc from win 10 tablet

Hi! Bought audrivana and verry happy with!

But is there any way to controll audirvana running on windows 10 pc from a windows 10 tablet?

Just got myself microsoft surface pro and want that as a controller :slight_smile:


Sonny Larsson

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HI…I also use a Surface Pro and I use upnp through my wifi. Works great! I keep the Surface with me and transmit to my receiver. I have a marantz receiver and it has built in upnp. As far as controlling a windows pc, I think the only way you could do that is through remote desktop. I’m not aware of a remote app for windows yet.

Hello @shaun and @Sonny, you can’t control another Audirvana with another device on Win10 or MacOS but in Windows 10 you can use the Quick Assist feature in Windows Accessory to remotely control another Windows 10 device.

The way I use my Surface Pro on my main rig is I connect my Surface to the little Surface dock. I split my internet signal coming into the house which goes to a router and it is connected with my Marantz receiver, Surface dock and a wifi router just to control everything. In doing this, I stream Qobuz and Tidal straight to my receiver. It stays digital all the way to the receiver and only converts to analog when it goes to my Lab Gruppen amp. No analog cables! I use the Ipad remote app and it’s great! I don’t stream from any hard drives or other sources. Only from the internet so this works great for me! The Surface Pro looks great sitting next to my Receiver and when I need to use it for work, just unplug the power cable and go. I love my Audirvana!

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Thx for your feedback! Gonna try some this weekend. But i want to use it through my pc, as i got my aune x8 dac connected to that with usb.

So the options is:
Remote Desktop.
Android emulator.
Running a usb cable from surface pro to my dac.