Convert queue to playlist

Hi! Is it possible to convert playlist queue to playlist? It would be a great feature, if it isn’t already exist.

It already exists:

  • In the que click on the three dots in front of a track and choose ‘Add to playlist’.
  • On Windows you can select multipe tracks by pressing the CTRL key + Mouse click on the tracks you want to choose. I am not a Mac user, but I suppose you can select multiple tracks there too.
  • After selecting more tracks you can again click on the three dots (…) and choose ‘Add to playlist’

In the example below I have selected the first 4 tracks of the cue and clicked the … before one of the selected tracks.

If you have the playlist editor opened you can also drag and drop the tracks from the que on the title of the playlist and than the selected tracks will be added too.

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Thank you very much! That’s all I needed

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