Converting DSD files to AIFF files

Audirvana version 1.5 had a command for converting DSD files to iTunes-compatible AIFF files, which I downloaded to my iPhone. After purchasing version 3.0, I didn’t see this DSD-conversion feature, so I kept version 1.5 solely for this purpose. At some point, this DSD-conversion feature was deleted from version 1.5. Does version 3.5.37 have a DSD-conversion feature hidden someone in its commands? I recently purchased a DSD download, which plays fine on Audirvana, and used dBpoweramp version 16.2 to convert the DSD files, but the resulting AIFF files will not play on my iPhone or on my Mac mini (MacOS 10.13.6) using iTunes. The DSD files that Audirvana version 1.5 converted appear to be 88.2/24, but the DSD files that dBpoweramp converted appear to be 176.4/24. I suspect that the Mac version of dBpoweramp doesn’t convert DSD files even though it appears to do so. If Audirvana does not have a DSD-conversion feature, I will purchase the PC version of dBpoweramp. Thank you.

If you set your dac as not DSD capable (in Audirvana dac settings) than dsd will be converted in pcm

I do not want Audirvana to convert DSD to PCM as I play music via my Benchmark DAC because I prefer the sound of DSD. However, version 1.5, upon command, converted DSD files into AIFF files and put those AIFF files in my iTunes library. After I synced Audirvana and my iTunes library, Audirvana would play the DSD files, and iTunes would play the AIFF files. Furthermore, those AIFF files could be played on my iPhone.

I didn’t remember this functionality in Audirvana 1.5 (maybe I never e used it)
Are you aware you can play dsd on your iPhone using Onkyo HF Player? The Hi-Res library is an in app purchase and it works really fine with dsd

… and if you are on macOS you can use XLD (free) to convert DSD to aiff (or anything else)

I wasn’t aware of Onkyo HF Player or XLD, so I will check them out. Thank you.

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