Converting two platform specific licences to cross-platform one

Hello audiophiliacs,

is there possibility to convert my 2 licences (one Windows 3.5, and one MacOS 3.5) to cross-platform one for free?

Thank you for an answer

Hello @jaje,

Why would you like to update them to cross-platform? you already have licenses that allow you to use Audirvana on MacOS and Windows 10.

Hello @Antoine, that’s true but I have just two computers where I am listening to music, one with Windows and one with MacOS. With one cross-platform licence I didn’t have to upgrade both licences every time.

@Antoine So I guess there is no option to reward those customers who already invested twice as much into licences e.g.: by halving the upgrade cost for cross-platform version? I just need to know.

Sir, the easiest way for doing this would be to deactivate one of those license key and transferring activation to the other one. You will then have one license key with the possibility to use it on Windows 10/MacOs. Are you okay with this?

That would be perfect. How can I proceed with this?

It’s all on our side, I will come back to you as soon as it will be done.

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We have made the change, your MacOs license can now be use withe Windows 10.

Thank you, I revoked license on Windows 10 and I’ll try to activate it with MacOS license after 24 hours.

I took care of this, you should now be able to use your license key in your Windows 10 computer :wink:

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It does work, thank you so much. Keep rocking!

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