Convolution Engine

I’m just adding my request for a convolution engine built into Audirvana. I can do convolution now using a VST3 plugin but it would be even simpler if I could just select a filter, like some other apps.

while im with you that this would be great i actually think VST3 Plugins are enough todo everything you need (atleast for now, so Audirvana has more ressourced for more important things)

More important to who :grin:

I use for one week HAF convolution filters from
I used Dirac before and it’s far far better than Dirac.
Stereo Image ans tonality all is parfect ! Sound perfectly natural without any loss.
AND They gave me a vst3 convolution plugin for Audirvana without extra price…

Ce plugin vst est sublime pour vos convolutions
Avec les filtres HAF xtalk on est dans le sublime !