Convolution filter


I used to use Roon and it’s great convolution filter. I have prepared wav file (in REW), that corrects my room acoustics. I have a question is there any convolution filter (plugin) for Audirvana on Windows. I know that Audirvana supports VST3 plugins, but I can not find any that will cover Roon’s one functionalites.


Hang Loose Convolver from has AU and VST plugins and can be used in Audirvana. It’s very good and lets you switch between up to six filters, volume-matched and practically without delay. It’s not free, though.

One limitation I’ve run into with REW generated filters is that HLC limits the number of filter taps to 384,000 max. REW filters will contain more than that for sample rates of 192k or higher (mostly zeros). I’ve contact the authors of both HLC and REW, to increase the tap limit on import or allow a configurable limit on the number of exported filter taps, respectively. They both promised that for a future release. Currently, HLC can only be used with REW filters for sample rates up to 96k.

EDIT Oops, just noticed that the OP was from Feb ‘19, not 19th Feb :laughing:

You have also which is a nice convolution service.
They made me great filters, far better than Dirac, with nice stereo cross talk correction and perfect tonality, without any loss and with great natural…
They gave me a plugin of convolution vst3 which run on Audirvana, with their service, price is nice too.