Copying library to new HDD

Due to space running out on my HDD, I need to copy my existing audio file library to a new larger drive and sync Audirvana with the new drive. I tried this (naming the new drive the same name as the old one) but Audirvana is still trying to sync to the old drive, which it recognises as being ‘OFFLINE’.

How can I achieve this sync to the new drive without losing all of my library edits (track and album names, numbers etc) that are obviously stored in the database.sqlite file?

Thanks, Dave

No need to name it the same, just go to settings, library, and select the new drive and let Audirvana do his thing.

Thanks! Should I remove the old drive in Library before adding the new one?

Nope not necessary, but since it is not in use anymore why keep it :wink:

Thanks Lolodesiles! Much appreciated.

You’re welcome ! Enjoy :wink: